Report on the solo exhibition 2021: at Shibuya Hikarie 8/, Shibuya, Tokyo

Jun Nishizaki solo exhibition was held at Gallery “8/” on the 8th floor of Shibuya Hikarie for six days from Thursday 1 to Tuesday 6 July 2021. The venue was a quiet gallery, another world away from the busy Shibuya area. The exhibition, entitled “Just as I am”, consisted of 45 paintings and photographs. The exhibition attracted many visitors, from art lovers to young people walking around Shibuya.


In addition to the oil paintings, the exhibition included previously unseen photographic works.


The opportunity to talk to the artist in front of her works is a rare and valuable experience for visitors.


A young ballet dancer who visited the venue


Nishizaki speaks enthusiastically to everyone without distinction. Everyone listened attentively to her every word.


The exhibition welcomed a wide range of visitors, both children and adults, over the weekend.



What is life? What is one’s existence? These are questions that we all think about at one time or another, that we are confronted with, and that we struggle to find answers to.
Visitors to the exhibition will be confronted with these questions through the works.


■Comments from visitors (extracts)
・It was my first time to see the show and I was so fascinated that I couldn’t move.
・I came to Tokyo from Sapporo and just dropped in the exhibition. I am honored to have encountered such impressive paintings.
・The works seemed to embody the artist’s backbone and I felt the passion glimpsed in them.
・There was a depth to her photographic work that reminded me of “Mary in Yokosuka”.
・I have rarely been to art museums, but I was fascinated by her works that are so wonderful. I was happy that she said “that’s fine” when I didn’t know how to appreciate paintings because I am not educated about them.
・I agree with the artist that “I want to make something that will last after I am gone”. As an artist myself, I was honored to be able to hear such a valuable story.
・I was impressed by the artist’s explanation of the “Black Magic”. I think it will be a good day. Thank you very much.
・I could feel the essence of human being and the importance of life.
・I felt that the soul was in the works and at the same time I could feel the love of the artist in it.
・It is a mysterious style. I was very happy to hear the story of how Nishizaki came to draw her works.
・I was very interested in this exhibition, so I was glad to be able to see it on the last day. I was moved by the powerful works.
・It is very impressive. I like the gothic style and atmosphere of the works. (a visitor from abroad)
・I was under the impression that the black color of the work was very strong and that the “death” of the view of life and death was in the foreground, but after listening to Nishizaki’s talk, I felt that the “life” of the work, which is the opposite of death, was strongly reflected, and my impression completely changed.
・I was glued to the works at first sight. I admired the women depicted in the paintings.


■View of the venue
You can freely view the actual scene of Jun Nishizaki solo exhibition in 360 degrees.
For those who were not able to come to the exhibition and for those who saw the exhibition, please feel free to experience it.



Interview and photography by Japan Promotion
Responsibility: Uka Handa (Production Department)