Solo Exhibition Report: at the Ueno Royal Museum in Ueno, Tokyo 2020

Solo exhibition of Jun Nishizaki was held at the Ueno Royal Museum, representing museum in Japan, for four days from Saturday,18th January to Tuesday, 21st January 2020.


The 60 works exhibited in the museum questioned the viewer’s heart deeply from various angles and fascinated people with their brutally beautiful and noble view of the world.
Over 1,600 people visited the venue in four days. The exhibition got a great response from her fans who rushed from afar, as well as the people who first saw her works through this exhibition and the exhibition ended with great success.


The art talk by Jun Nishizaki was held at the first day of the exhibition. She talked about her thoughts on the paintings mainly and many valuable episodes.


■Visitors’ comments (excerpt)
・The empty gaze of the person drawn by Nishizaki was impressive. I like the color of her painting.
・I was completely fascinated by her unexpected works such as a work with bandages and a work with scissors pasted.
・She is a unique artist. I was able to fully enjoy the world of her works. Her works have something mysterious charm which makes me feel that a person in her painting is staring and I have met the person somewhere.
・While looking at the person in her work, I was wondering what the artist was thinking during her facing the painting. It was nice that the artist drew a person as “human” regardless of gender differences.
・I feel happy to be at the venue today. Thank you for providing me the luxurious time and space.
・I enjoyed the unique lighting and the display of the works. The video works were mysterious and I loved them.
・I was fascinated by the melancholic expression of a woman. Since Jun Nishizaki was unknown to me and it was the first time to see her works, I have stopped for several times for a while in front of the works to enjoy and to be fascinated.
・I feel that some of the paintings have a soul in.
・It was all wonderful. I hope that the painter will resume her activities when she recovers her strength. I sincerely hope for her recovery.
・I can’t write any comments because I felt too many things. Her works were mind-blowing. How can I tell you about it?


Coverage/Photo: General Incorporated Association Japan Promotion
Article/Production: Juri Mita (Creative Division)